Friday, October 30, 2015

Week Three: Still Sick but Feeling Great!

Day 18 and I am still fighting this cold (and I consider myself to be winning). After two 13 hour work days, it's still remaining a minor presence (thankfully). I have incorporated some other cold fighting tricks. The first being lymph massage/drainage to combat a sore throat. It started last night but I massaged before bed and woke up sore throat free! It came back a bit today, but more massage and some Cold Zing (lemon) tea with honey is holding it at bay.  I will be sure to massage before bed again tonight.

Day 19. . .The lymph massage has completely cured my sore throat.

Day 20! I thought I was losing this battle with the cold. I was so tired! Then I realized that I had not taken my It's Vital or my Greens. I was shocked to feel better within a half hour of taking them. The difference was beyond amazing. Even if it is in my head, It Works, so I'm okay with that!!!

I can't even tell you how strange of a feeling it was to feel "good" while being sick. I can just imagine that if I had been on these vitamins and greens a few weeks earlier that I may not have gotten sick at all. The only bad part has been coughing all night so being super tired in the morning., so I did stay home one day to catch up on some sleep.

I mentioned the cost of the Greens to a co-worker (who is not taking them) and she had the best words of wisdom. There are 8-servings of fruits and vegetables in one serving of greens. . .she said "Just think of how much money you are saving on fruits and vegetables!" She's right, plus I don't have to eat them (I still eat some though).

I am starting to get really exited about the second phase of my 90 day program. My goal will be to lose 10 pounds in 60 days. Sounds reasonable to me, especially with the Christmas season approaching! Any one want to join me?

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