Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Welcome to My It Works Journey

I decided to try It Works. . .not for those wrap things, but for their supplements.  A few years ago I would see It Works stuff everywhere but it was all about the wraps. I figured just another silly fad since they don't actually make you lose weight (although they can help you to appear more toned and firm).

I visited my sister in May. She's 40 with twin baby boys (they are one now).  She mentioned that she was trying Greens from It Works for her energy levels. She had posted in a twin-mom forum about how exhausted she was (she has twins so she should be tired!!!) and someone had recommended it.  By the time I visited her in August, she was a full on It Works distributor, selling the product and recruiting people to sell it with her.  She raved about how great it was for her energy levels.

Now, I am a skeptic. Always.  I spent a lot of time on the internet looking at the products and what people had to say about the products, and I decided that it was worth the chance.  However, I also decided that if I was going to try it, I was also enrolling as a distributor so that if I love it, and other people are interested because I talk about it, then I could sell it too.  And if I don't sell it, I still have some awesome product that came with my distributor kit!

I am starting with a 90 day challenge. . .or at least the first 30 days of that challenge.  It includes the Greens, It's Vital Core Nutrition, and Regular. I have decided to skip the Regular as I don't need any help in that department!

The Greens offer eight servings of fruits and vegetables mixed into water, yogurt, juice, or a smoothie. The It's Vital Core Nutrition is a supplement/multivitamin that just sounds amazing to me as it has all the vitamins that I took when I was losing weight and much, much more!

I have high hopes that this combination of supplements will help me feel more energized because if I have more energy maybe I can get back to exercising and lose some weight and keep it off easier. 

So that's the new path that I have decided to take and I hope that you might like to follow me on my new path.  I can't say where this path will take me but I won't know unless I try.  And if you would like to see more of the products, the website is

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