Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Week Two - It Works 1, Cold Germs 0 (For Now)

Before I started taking It's Vital and Greens, I felt a bit like I was getting a cold but it never developed. I am quite sure that my It Works products helped me to keep it at bay.

Day 10 brought my first two job day of this journey. I remember driving home and thinking that I felt amazingly awake after 13 hours of work. Then came the next morning, which was thankfully on the weekend. I could barely drag myself out of bed at 8 for a hair appointment though. I ate breakfast, took my It's Vital, made a smoothie with my Greens and headed out. I was still half asleep when I arrived at the hairdresser, but I finished my smoothie and felt great by the time I left.

That afternoon I was out with the kids and missed my second Greens. I was also super tired when we got home so I took an hour nap and felt re-energized. I know - I had a nap, but I still think that the It's Vital and Greens are helping with my energy. They're not going to provide a miracle if you don't sleep enough, but they are sure going to help when you're awake!

Day 12 I worked my second job again (it was Sunday so only a one-job day), and I missed my second Greens again. I am sure that being over-worked and not taking my Greens had led to me being run down and I could feel that cold trying to make an appearance again so I went back to twice-a-day Greens, and extra vitamin C to fight it off. I can happily report that the cold has not progressed past a scratchy throat and a wee bit of chest congestion.

So, at the end of week two, I would definitely say that these products are working for me! I am more than willing to spend the money if these can help keep me healthy and energized! I'm anxious to see if I can keep this cold at bay as I have two 13 hour days ahead!

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