Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week One of My It Works Journey (And What's the Catch Anyway?)

Being the skeptic that I am, I can't believe how much these two products that I am trying excite me (see previous post for product info). There are so many more of the It Works products that I want to try right NOW but I have to be patient and try each product in it's own time.

Rather than a short post every day, I have combined my experience into a one week post. You may skip to the bottom for the week summary if you prefer not to read all of it.

Day 1 - It's Vital & Greens x 2 in H2O 

I already felt like I had energy. Unfortunately, that may not be the vitamins. It could just me as I don't always feel run down, I do get random bursts of energy. It could also be the excitement of finally starting my It Works adventure. 

Day 2 - It's Vital & Greens x 1 in smoothie, x 1 in H2O 

I swear I felt energized (for lack of a better word) today. I had no desire to get a second coffee today. Maybe it's all in my head but so far so good!

Breakfast of champions?

Day 3 - It's Vital & Greens x 2 in H2O 

Still feeling good today. It took me four hours to drink my morning coffee because I was actually awake. I did have a down period this afternoon but I think that was more about what I didn't eat today as I did not have enough protein and I love protein! Tonight was a planned evening of good company and "bad" food. I believe that allowing a "bad" food day here and there is helpful so that I don't give up completely. 

Day 4 - It's Vital & Greens x 1 in smoothie 

I woke up early today, for a Saturday. I have to say that even though it was hard to open my eyes, I felt amazingly awake. I ate breakfast and I took my It's Vital. I started to feel unwell later this morning so I took a shower and made a smoothie with my Greens. And you know what? I still didn't feel great but I suddenly had the desire to go for a walk! 

Day 5 - It's Vital, Greens x 1 in H2O & Greens Chew x 1 

Feeling better this morning. Again when I woke up I was not wanting to open my eyes, but I felt like I could have gotten up and started my errands for the day without dragging my ass as I do every other Sunday.  Hubby bought me a Kale & Feta McWrap for a breakfast treat, which was quite good (but I really usually love anything with Feta), then I took my Greens and got my errands started. I returned home to do laundry and be otherwise lazy (by choice) while I waited to head to my mom's for Thanksgiving dinner. Of coarse I ate waaaay more then I intended. I also had a chance to sample a Greens Chew thanks to my mom. It tasted fantastic! I will need to order some of those soon! 

Day 6 - It's Vital & Greens x 1 in Yogurt, x 1 in H2O  

Happy Thanksgiving! I finally slept in today, but I had to stay up late last night so that I could! I tried my Greens in strawberry yogurt for something and it was delicious. I was going to skip my second Greens since I planned to be lazy this evening, but I changed my mind and decided consistency is probably best. 

Day 7 - It's Vital & Greens x 1 in Cream of Wheat, x 1 in Yogurt 

Tried something different with my Greens today, I mixed them into my Cream of Wheat. It was very sweet, I think next time I need to use two packages of Cream of Wheat (or oatmeal). First day of work after the long weekend so I did consider a second coffee this morning but decided to try to keep to one cup per day. 

Maybe it is all in my head but I really do feel better. Not 100% or anything close, just better. It's only been a week so I know that it will take time to notice a large, consistent change in my energy level but I would have to say it is working so far. 

I haven't been a model eater the past seven days but these first 30 days are not about losing weight. It's about gaining some energy so that maybe I can get motivated again. I should eat healthier though.

Remember, these are not weight loss products that I am taking. I lost 50 pounds the good old-fashioned way. . .eating better and moderate exercise. The products I am taking are supplements to increase my energy levels so that I can get my ass in gear again to lose those five pounds that came back and KEEP them off (although I certainly wouldn't be opposed to losing more).

So I'm sure you are wondering what the catch is with It Works, right? The catch is that you have to commit to a minimum of three months in order to get the product at the lower price (40% off). If you cancel before three months, there is a $50 membership fee. Once your first order ships, you can change your order for the next month. You can also order additional products at any time. You earn points on every order that you can use toward product. (Woo hoo! Free product if you save it up!) You also earn bonus points the longer you are enrolled. (Woo hoo! More free product!)

If you have any questions please ask. You can contact me through Facebook or fill out the form here.

Thanks for your interest (or curiosity)!

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