Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Week Four: Feeling Better and Some Surprise Effects

Day 23 was my last shift at my other job until November 18th! While I do love that job, I'm so happy to be off for a bit! I can finally have some RNR time! On the weekend, I caught up on some much needed sleep. I really wasn't as productive as I should have been, but that's okay! I was feeling rested and feeling healthy!

And that's the best part! I'm feeling better! I plan to keep taking my It's Vital and Greens and hopefully stay healthy all winter. Some call the Greens their flu "shots".

So here's another thing I have learned and like about It Works. . .so yes, I had to commit to three months of purchases in order to get the product at a discounted price, but when I found myself short on money until payday, I was able to change the date that my order would be processed. That's right, I picked the day that they could process my order. A date that worked for ME. And I did it online. No phone calls, just from the comfort of my couch and computer!

What does this mean for phase two? It means that phase two of my 90 day program will start about 10 days late (depending on when the package arrives), so it will become a 100 day program instead. Plus I will be continuing with my first phase products throughout the program anyway so it's not like I'm taking time off! I'm a little bummed to have to wait, but super excited to get my new products, Formula FF and Thermofit.

Okay ladies, this part is for you.  Men, you may want to press that little "x" in the top corner and exit now because I am going to write about stuff you probably don't want to see.

Okay men, if you are still reading, don't say I didn't warn you!

Ladies, I started my period on Sunday and I was surprised because I had one tiny little cramp earlier in the day and that was all. I had brushed it off thinking it was nothing.  I have also had zero cramps during my period and I usually have awful cramps. Do you want to know why? The It's Vital and Greens! That's why! No cravings, and I don't think I was any crankier then a normal day either. ;) I will definitely pay attention next month to how cranky I am! 

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