Saturday, November 21, 2015

Week One of Fat Fighters and Thermofit! ____ Pounds Gone!

Another Day One - I'm not sure how many of those I have had but the important thing is that they were always a start toward my goals. Sometimes you have to restart, but restarting is better than stopping completely.

My weigh-in this morning was a little disheartening. I am four pounds up from where I should be. Since I am here with the intension of losing that and a bit more, I'm not too worried.

I took one Thermofit with breakfast and one with lunch. I felt bloated after lunch, hopefully from what I ate and not the Thermofit.  I took two Formula FF (Fat Fighter) after supper. I am making an effort to eat well but already felt the bad habits trying to creep back in. I was quick to remind myself not to go there!

Day Two - Already an "uh oh"! Why? I'm going to the Moose game and I WILL be having a Jet Dog, but that's what my Fat Fighters are for, right?

I didn't feel bloated at all today, so I guess it was what I ate for lunch on Day One that caused the bloating, thank goodness!

Day Three - Another challenge. . .my work Christmas party. Yes, early for a Christmas party. Technically they call it a "Holiday Gala" but it's a Christmas party! Five coarse dinner over two hours, I think. I took my Fat Fighter after it was done, but maybe it was too late anyway! That's it! The rest of this first week I HAVE to be good!

Day Four - Just a regular Sunday doing laundry, catching up on my TV shows, and being lazy, but I had no desire to snack! That is completely not normal for my Sunday! Could it be the Thermofit? Thermofit advertises that it "not only boosts your metabolic rate and increases your energy levels but also curbs your appetite so you eat less and have fewer cravings"! Here's hoping!

Day Five - Oh how I want to step on the scale! I want to see if this is working. I feel like it is. Must be patient!

I am continuing to take one Thermofit with breakfast and lunch, and the Fat Fighter after supper. I over ate today, although nothing particularly bad. I think a bigger breakfast is needed, as I found myself hungry for lunch earlier then normal.

Day Six - I was hungry early for lunch and supper again, but really other than that I didn't have any cravings today, and after supper I was good for the rest of the night. I'm not saying that I don't think of eating something bad, but I finding it easy to remind myself that the answer is no.

Day Seven - Worked both jobs today so dining out was in the plan. A 12" sub provides both lunch and dinner! I'm so damn excited to weigh-in in the morning, I can hardly wait! I was tempted to weigh myself at bedtime, but that would be inaccurate. . .I just want an idea of how I did. It's so close now!

The Results - Two pounds gone!!! It might sound disappointing but remember:  1) I ate a lot of crap, 2) no exercise, 3) I'm not just beginning, I already lost weight, the more you lose the harder it gets but NEVER let that stop you! 

I'm looking forward to another week and can't wait to see more results. Another two pounds would be fabulous. Two pounds a week would equal eight pounds for the month. I can totally live with that. :)

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