Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Day 30! Repeat Then Try a Facial!

Day 30 has come and gone and is currently on repeat until my new order comes.  So what do I tell you in the mean time. . .

Maybe you just want to go have a look around the website: www.greatgreens.myitworks.com. Please ask questions! You can do it the comments section here, through Facebook Messenger, Instagram, email, text/iMessage, in person, whatever works for you! You can also use the contact form on the website.

You already know that I am in love with my vitamins and Greens. Well, my sister sent me a Facial and OMG! My face is so soft and smooth! It has been 48 hours and it still feels great! I have to add these to the growing list of things I want to buy.

Have I mentioned how soft and smooth my face is?

And one more thing happened while I was writing this post. . .my order arrived today!!! Woot woot!  Day 1 starts Thursday! Triple Threat here I come! 

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