Friday, November 27, 2015

Week Two! Feeling Great and Losing Weight (Ha Ha, Cheesy Title!)

I feel skinny, oh so skinny. . .but I am not skinny! I feel good about myself though! I feel healthy, I feel energized, and I have no cravings. I am finding it so easy to eat proper foods and not load up on junk.

I had an "ah ha" moment this week when I realized that since my cravings are almost non-existent, that dining out is becoming a challenge!

It actually started last Thursday and Friday, but I just hadn't realized it yet. I really couldn't decide where to go for lunch. There was nothing that I really wanted and choosing was almost a chore! Then it happened again this week. One day I ended up asking a coworker if she wanted anything from anywhere so that she could make up my mind as to where I should go! (The other days I brought my lunches.)

One evening I also made myself eat popcorn! I didn't want popcorn, but I had bought some popcorn seasoning that I really wanted to try! This It Works skeptic is quickly turning into a believer!

A slogan that I am beginning to believe in!
So I'm sure you are only here for the results. . .the result is 1.8 pounds. (Can I just say two?) I still can't get motivated to exercise, but I'm thinking New Years resolution maybe.  I am also due for a visit from TOM this weekend so I'm pretty sure I'm probably retaining some water. So as a present to myself, despite the fact that I have NO cravings, I let myself eat all the bad stuff today! Yay!

And shameless plug here since I was asked for the website a couple of times this week:
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