Friday, December 4, 2015

Week Three! Loving This Journey, Even When the Progress is Slow

Men, you may want to skip to below the minions posted below. . .

What's it like to have a period without cramps? Amazing, awesome, incredible, surprising, wonderful, marvellous, unbelievable!!! It has never happened before! 

An internet search of vitamins to relieve period pain brought me to these results: B vitamins, calcium citrate, antioxidants (including vitamins A, D, and E), and magnesium. Guess what vitamins are in It's Vital Core Nutrition? Yep, those ones, and a whole lot more! Turmeric is also a natural herb that is thought to relieve menstrual pain and an antioxidant, and it's in there too!

I also had absolutely no pre-menstrual cravings. That was possibly the Formula FF doing their job. However, during the first few days I wanted to eat EVERYTHING! I have now returned to no cravings, and in fact, haven't been feeling all that hungry.

Next month, I'm going to try taking Confianza during that time. Maybe I can eliminate the bitchy too! ;)

Confianza helps you deal with physical, emotional and environmental stress in a natural way; their herbal dietary supplement consists of natural ingredients that help you reduce stress and fatigue while increasing your energy levels.

I didn't meet this weeks goal. A loss is a loss though, and I must be satisfied. This is going to be a tough month, but that can't be an excuse. I just have to keep moving forward.

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