Saturday, December 12, 2015

30 Days and Five Pounds Lost!!!

I started this post half way through the week so it got a little long. You are welcome to skip down to the results as that's what it's all about, right?!?!?

Half way through week four and I was seeing no progress. Yes, this is my fault, as I haven't been on my best food behaviour. I haven't been tremendously bad, but I haven't been creating any major calorie deficits. It's not like I picked the easiest time of year to lose a few pounds though, I know! I am also doing zero exercise, so I really have nothing to blame except me. 

BUT. . .

If the Thermofit is supposed to promote the burning of calories, and the Formula FF is supposed to block some of the fat and carbohydrates from meals, then I was hoping to see some sort of result. At least I'm not gaining though, but. . .


#1) I am currently taking Thermofit twice a day. One tablet with breakfast and lunch. That is what the "American" instructions advise. (Take one tablet two to three times per day with meals.) So, I am going to switch to the "Canadian" instructions that advise to take two tablets, once per day with a meal.

#2) I am currently taking the Formula FF once a day. Two tablets after the largest meal (usually dinner). These are the "Canadian" instructions. So I'm going to switch to the "American" instructions and take one to two tablets after your two largest meals of the day.


On Tuesday Olive Garden brought in lunch for us at work, and I also had a dinner banquet that night. Wednesday our bosses brought us Christmas dainties...Nanimo bars, butter tarts, peanut butter-marshmallow thingys (those are my favorites), and more! Friday we had Christmas lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Disaster??? No! I lost a pound!!! 

So my 30 day results are that I lost 5 pounds! Not too shabby for someone who has less to lose then I once did. 

So just think. . .if you start January 1st and you lose, on average, five pounds a month, that's 60 pounds you can lose by next Christmas! It seems far away, I know, but just think how happy you would be right now if you had started last January and succeeded?

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