Friday, March 25, 2016

Challenge: Week 3

I can barely wait for it to be nice enough (in my mind, at least) to get out there and go walking again. This will boost my calories burned and a bigger daily deficit, no matter how big or small, will help me to achieve my goals! Of coarse it has to go and SNOW this week, but next week's weather looks promising. (I have also been considering running again but I'm still not sure about that one.)

Three weeks in and I am now down four pounds. For me, this is great because I am not just at the beginning of my journey. I am well into my weight-loss and as you lose more weight, it gets harder to lose without making adjustments to what worked in the beginning. Since I don't want to cut any calories from my plan, I need to ensure that my daily goals are exceeded more often then not in order to lose. I would be happy to meet five pounds by day 30.

I would love to hear from anyone who has joined in this challenge as to what sort of progress you are making. Please feel free to message me any time. And, if you would like to read more about my successes and failures, please read on about the week, otherwise see you next week!

Day 15 - I reigned myself in on what was supposed to be my "self-sabotage" day as the past four days had been disastrous so I didn't feel that I could afford to be bad. Still I did not count calories, but chose to eat mostly healthy options (and a peanut butter marshmallow square 😉).

Day 16 - Two job day! Our employer supplied lunch today: Lasagna and Italian salad. Delicious! I chose the vegetarian option not only for the lower fat content but because I love the vegetarian version. I still went over on my food intake I burned far more then I took in.

Day 17 & 18 - The weekend. . .these never turn out all that well, but Saturday proved to be a perfectly balanced day, and Sunday was great as extra calories were burned at work. The weather is still cool, but I am looking forward to being able to go for a walk soon. It's still a wee bit cool for my taste and probably a little too icy and wet in places.

Day 19 - Since I didn't take the time to prep food for lunches this weekend, today turned out to be not-so-good. So I'm just gonna say I don't wanna talk about it.

Day 20 - Finally a day as it should be! I resisted the urge to have a Starbucks iced coffee this afternoon which was great to keep my day in check. I still haven't done any pre-prepping but I am trying my best to make sure the healthy options are easily accessible over the not so healthy ones.

Day 21 - Today was great! Today was as it should be. Properly placed snacking and somewhat appropriate meals but then we went to a movie and there was inappropriate popcorn! Probably not the best choice the night before weigh-in. I did resist the urge to get nachos which is big for me.

I'm not sure about continuing the day by day updates as they are not exactly an entertaining read. I will still try to keep you up to date on my 90-day challenge and I hope you will keep me updated on yours.

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